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Imphal, 07 June 2021 ( Evening News ) : Just a couple of weeks ago, there was a big hue and cry about inadequate availability of covid-19 vaccines in the state, but now there slots and more slots available at various vaccination centers opened across the state but people aren't just turning up to get the jab. Reality, out of the total around 35 lakhs population in Manipur, a little over 5 lakhs have been inoculated so far. Out of this, 4.2 lakhs people have recieved the first dose of covid-19 vaccine and 80,885 people have recieved the second dose.The number is embarassing especially on Sundays. Only 200 people in total were vaccinated against Covid-19 across the state yesterday when 40,000 people were innoculated at a single location on a single day in Hyderabad. Why people in the state are reluctant to get the jab? Is it because the vaccine itself has no efficacy as there are reports of people getting detected positive for COVID-19 even after taking the two required doses? Is it because of the rumours going round on various social media platforms about its presumed side-effects including one of becoming a zombie or sudden death after two years? Or Is it because that the recently launched, "Aggressive Mass COVID-19 Testing drive" has cocooned everyone inside their homes? What can be done to increase the vaccination rate?

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