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Sunday, 08 August 2021 21:40


Manipur Cabinet decides to construct Manipur Olympian Park and create 18 posts in Sports Department

Manipur is coming up with "Manipur Olympian Park" to encourage sports persons of the state. The move comes in the wake of two Olympians from Manipur bagging a silver and a bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 which concluded today. Saikhom Mirabai Chanu bagged a silver medal in the weighting event and midfielder of Indian men's Hockey team Shanglakpam Nilakanta won a bronze medal.

Speaking to Impact News this afternoon, Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren further disclosed that the State cabinet has also decided to create 18 posts in the sports department consisting of 3 post of Joint Director, 5 Assistant Director and 10 Deputy Director posts. He recalled that the President of India has called Manipur the powerhouse of sports considering the laurels brought for the nation by the state's players.

N.Biren said that the Government will construct the park at a proper place, sized around 10 hectares, where in a museum will display full wax statues of Olympic medalists and busts of all the Olympians from Manipur. With great excitement, the Chief Minister who himself has great passion for sports and was a footballer said that the park will have a huge Olympic rings which will be seen from an airplane. He expressed firm belief that the new decisions and other upcoming sports policies will further boost sports sector in the state.

It maybe mentioned that 5 sports persons from Manipur took part in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. They are debutant Shanglakpam Nilakanta in hockey, Sushila Pukhrambam in women's hockey for the 2nd time, debutant Sushila Likmabam in Judo, Saikhom Mirabai for the 2nd time in Weightlifting and Boxer MC.Mary Kom for the 2nd time.


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Thangmeiband MLA Khumucham Joykisan warns defamation suit against Senior Journalist Yambem Laba; MLA says no one bribed or forced him to join the Congress party


Thangmeiband MLA Khumucham Joykisan has categorically stated that he had joined the Congress party on his own will and that no one had either coerced or bribed him, adding that his residential house was never ever on mortgage.In a video release today, MLA Khumukcham Joykisan challenged that if anyone can prove him wrong than he will not only resign from his MLA post but retire from politics altogether. He appealed to those concerned not to spread false news tarnishing the image of those politicians who are sincerely serving the public. 


Lauding the media persons of the state for their unwavering contributions in reaching out news and events to the public, the MLA also expressed disappointment over some misleading media persons who are working just for their personal benefits. He urged the media houses of Manipur and AMWJU to take actions against those journalists who are misleading the public. MLA Joykisan alleged that senior journalist Yambem Laba has published some baseless news quoting him and CLP Leader Okram Ibobi on Kolkata based national daily ‘The Statesman’. He said that the CLP leader had advised him not to come down to his level, hence stayed quiet at that time. The Congress MLA said that his clarification on the matter was necessitated to stop misleading the public in the wake of yesterday's Manung Hutna discussion programme of Impact News where the same matter was brought up.


MLA Joykisan termed Yambem Laba's allegations against him as false and asserted that he will fail to give any proof if demanded. The Thangmeiband MLA also said that Yambem Laba will have nowhere to hide if he filed a defamation law suit against him. He reminded that Yambem Laba had earlier  faced defamation suit for publishing false news about State Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and eminent state politician Th.Chaoba. The MLA declared that he is ready to take necessary legal actions against the senior journalist.


Speaking further, MLA Joykisan also alleged that one Meghachandra has misled the public regarding distribution of PDS items under NFSA to the beneficiaries of Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency. Terming the same as unfortunate, he added that it was kind of funny to see his pretentious care for the people.


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