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Jitendra ( Admin)

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Imphal, 16 June 2018 ( Evening News ) : The Health Department has launched various measures to prevent water-borne diseases resulting from the flood prevailing in the state. Health Minister, L. Jayentakumar has announced that he will visit and monitor all the flood-affected districts and organise widespread health camps across the state. MLA of Keishamthong Constituency and Health Minister, L.Jayentakumar visited affected areas of Keishamthong Constituency to take stock of the flood situation and provided relief items to the victims. Speaking to media persons, the minister maintained that due to the incessant rain in the past few days, most of the areas in Keishamthong Constituency were flooded.He stated that the level of flood water has receded and that he himself and various civil society organisations are providing assistance to the victims. Jayentakumar said that basic food items such as rice, salt and pulses are being distributed through the DC and will continue to supply other necessities by utilising the local area development fund. He further appealed to stop the rumour that the victims are not provided assistance but jointly help those in need. The Health Minister further stated that the Health department along with its top officials are prepared to provide all possible assistance to the flood-affected victims and to supply free medicines at the health camps to be held across the state.

On the other hand, the Health Minister has affirmed that a cabinet decision to construct 2 District Hospitals at Sagolmang and Kyamgei has been taken according to the wishes of the people. However, he clarified that there is no plan to start the construction works of the hospitals any soon as the Government has financial constraints. The minister nevertheless, assured that the Government will put all-out efforts to start the construction without further delay.

Imphal, 08 June 2018 ( Evening News ) : National General Secretary of BJP, Arun Singh has claimed that BJP will win both seats of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 in Manipur. Speaking to media persons at BJP office in Nitaipat chuthek, Arun Singh stated that people in the state and the country wish for Narendra Modi to retain his Prime-Ministership based on the immense contribution and change brought about by the Narendra Modi-led NDA Government in the past 4 years. He intimated that leaders of BJP met Padmashree  Y. Gambhini as part of the meeting with eminent personalities to seek their advice and blessing in celebration of the completion of 4 years of BJP-Government at the Centre and one year in the state. Arun Singh said Gambhini lauded the works of the BJP Government and maintained that it is the desire of the people to make BJP retains its rule in the Country. Criticising the Congress party, he mocked that Rahul Gandhi is not a threat to BJP.

Imphal, 06 June 2018 ( Evening News ) : Convenor of Peoples Resurgence and Justice Alliance, PRJA, Erendro Leichombam, who was arrested for commenting on a threat video made by some non-locals uploaded on Facebook, was released from judicial custody after he accepted the bail grant yesterday. Speaking to media persons at PRAJA Office in Thangmeiband today, Erendro asserted that he will continue to fight unceasingly to prove his innocence in a peaceful and democratic manner. He termed it unfortunate that despite the Government’s assurance to apprehend those involved in the hate video, nothing has been found out even  15 days after the assurance and that voices of the people remain unheard. He affirmed to prove himself innocent without any lawyer.

Imphal, 04 June 2018 ( Evening News ) : Students of Tamphasana Girls Higher Secondary School staged a sit-in in front of the school gate against the transfer order of Principal of the School, Laishram Biren today. The Students demanded to let the soon to be retired Principal remain in the School until the end of his tenure. Speaking to media persons, Secretary of Girls Common Room, Leishangthem Molina stated that the students cannot accept the Government order to transfer the Principal from the School and demanded to revoke its order immediately. Various slogans were shouted at the sit-in.

Imphal, 29 May 2018 ( Evening News ) : Sanamahi Cheng Hongba ritual was performed at Haying Khongbal Uphong Yumpham, Sanamahi Temple Complex in the 1st Manipur Rifles today. Since early this morning many Sana-Mahi devotees including children and elderly persons offered fruits, flowers and rice grainsat the shrine of Lainingthou Sanamahi and prayed for peace, prosperity and fertility. Sanamahi Laining Puya, a religious manuscript by Sanamahi Temple Board was also released on the occasion.Taking part in the religious event, Art and culture minister, L. Jayantakumar who is also the president of Lainingthiou Sanamahi Temple Board stated that efforts are on to enlist “Lai Haraoba festival in the Intangible Heritage list of UNESCO. He also said, a committee was established to discuss on the promotion of the festival. Jayantakumar also stated that with the release of the Puya, the meitei community now has a religious book and people can delve deeper into the origin of the religion. Members of the temple board, mai-ba, mai-bi and many people of the state took part in the ceremony.

Kangla Religious Committee Kangla Fort Board also performed the religious ritual ceremony, Sanamahi Cheng Hongba at Kangla today. Followers of Sana-Mahi offered rice-grains, fruits, vegetables and flowers at the shrine of Lainingthou Sanamahi and prayed for peace and prosperity. The ceremony was commenced with Pena Yeikarol, and Wari-Liba or narration of the story of Lainingthou Sanamahi and songs praising the Ibudhou etc. were the highlights of the occasion. Speaking to media persons, member of Kangla Religious Committee Kangla Fort Board, Professor Sairen Nilbir said the ritual has been performed for years since time immemorial. He appealed to all to keep their differences aside and pray to Ibudhou Sanamahi for the well being of the Society.

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